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Today we visit the Design Academy graduation show. I never miss this at Dutch Design Week. Above you see ‘Printstrument’ by Kristaps Polïtis, a 3D-printed toy that focuses on the fun of making music. Twenty-five different modules give kids the freedom to create their own flute or shaker and adjust it as their skills increase.

Other student work that caught my eye:


‘Prestigious stereotypes’ by Bouke Bruins, a project in collaboration with the town of Veenhuizen.


‘Standing textiles’ by Fransje Gimbrere (who you can see here, talking about her project).


A number of small artificial skin plaques for ‘Transcendent skin’ by Julia Thomann emphasise the beauty of defects.


Oh, I love this: ‘Layers of Mind cabinet’ by Seoyoon Kwon.

“Seoyoon Kwon describes our personality as a layered structure with a variable content. By adding or opening up layers, we can conceal or reveal things about ourselves. Just like a cabinet filled with objects – safely tucked away or proudly put on display. Inspired by this metaphor, Seyoon designed a series of cabinets that play with the concept of hide and seek. Depending on how much of your inner self you want to show, you can slide open the silk-covered doors or increase opacity.”


‘Marbled salts’ by Roxanne Lahidji.

“…reinvents salt as a sustainable design material. She makes use of its unique physical properties as a self-binding composite to create a set of tables and stools. By mixing it with tree resin, she gives it shape and strength. Coal powder and natural colour variations in salt mimic the aesthetics of expensive natural stone such as marble. Herein she draws a contradictory parallel between the flexible versatility of salt and the material language of heavy and solid rock. The design also aims to invite a discussion on the concept of value – essentially a social construct − and the costs the finished product implies.”


Agnieszka Mazur demonstrating her intricate ‘Body of construction’ seats.


And then, Doeke van Nuil. I was already following his illustration work on Instagram and didn’t know he was working in ceramics as well. His project ‘How to overcome the fear of failure’ put a smile on everyone’s face. Love it.


Find much more information on all of the students here: the Design Academy Graduation Projects.

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Are you going to Dutch Design Week this weekend?