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Hi there. You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet at visual strands headquarters. That’s because it’s been rather hectic in my work/life. Some big life changes coming up. All good things though, but they do take time. Hope to share more with you sooner rather than later. I already have some new -and fun- online things to share with you though…

Like the fact that I’m a tastemaker at! You know how you can spend hours on certain marketplace websites and still can’t find what you’re looking for because there’s SO much on offer and… well, most of it just isn’t your style? Yes, me too. works with tastemakers who’s style you already know and like so you’ll be able to find beautiful products more easily.

And now there’s a very real visual strands boutique!

I’ve gathered quite a few beautiful products by talented makers already, look: [update: greatly doesn’t exist anymore].

GREAT.LY makers keep 60% of all the revenue (no fees).
Tastemakers earn 25% of the retail price of the products they sell in their boutique. Plus 5% of anything the shopper buys from any other GREAT.LY boutique.
Just wanted to share that with you as well, so you know that when you purchase something from my visual strands boutique, not only are you supporting talented makers but also me as a tastemaker, thus enabling me to spend more time working on visual strands ;) Thank you very much.


What else is new? Oh yes, something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time: I actually joined AtMine when it was still invite only, but it took me SO long to actually post something! Real reason, honestly? I was reluctant to show photos from our current home, because I want to move. But as we renovated -and designed- the whole interior of the house ourselves (in the course of a mere 12 years or so) it also seemed silly not too. And we still love the choices we made. So here we are. All part of my new positive ‘onwards and upwards’ attitude :)

Turns out, it’s really fun and inspiring. Look, there’s our bathroom (yes, the ones with the light grey mosaic tiles):


AtMine is an online community for home and design lovers, where members do the sharing. Discover beautiful real homes and the stories behind them, and find out where to shop the products you love (no affiliate links, just sharing). Here’s my little spot there: Let’s connect!

And in case you’re wondering: interviews and stories with/by inspiring people will be back on visual strands too. And more ;) Meanwhile, thanks for sticking with me. I do appreciate your support!