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As part of Meet The Blogger conference there was the opportunity to sign up for an Instawalk the day before. There were several walks to choose from, but as soon as I saw ‘Green Walk’ I signed up, even before any further information was given. I mean, with ‘Green’ you can’t really go wrong, can you? ;) I was very pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a Walk given by Mila from fabulous plant shop Wildernis in Amsterdam! I always intended to visit there but somehow I just never came around to it.

The window drawing above is made by Dutch illustrator Valesca van Waveren. Her work is also for sale there. And can you spot the Urban Jungle Book in the window? Igor and Judith did a keynote about it at Meet the Blogger the next day.



Anyway, I took so many photos that I decided to split them up into three(!) separate articles. The Green Walk photos are coming up in the next few weeks, promise, but I wanted to share my shop visit at Wildernis first.



Here’s the lovely Mila herself, talking about future plans for Wildernis. Find out more about what she’s holding in her hands further on in this article.



Can we just talk about the many many plants at Wildernis? This gorgeous Medinilla with its hanging pink flowers has been on my wish list for many years…



There’s always room for a tiny plant in a tiny pot, right? This pink air plant in a ceramic legged planter made my heart jump a little (I may have to go back to Amsterdam and get it ;))



Tiny plants in new pots…



and in vintage ones (love!)…



This succulent looked very happy just gazing out the window: a grey leaved Kalanchoe.



Wildernis also hosts workshops and sells other plant-related goods, as well as plant art. The illustrative work on this wall rotates regularly, to give various illustrators the opportunity to showcase their work. I like that initiative a lot. Oh and you can also just come in for a cup of coffee or tea. Sign me up.



Also, new and exclusive Wildernis products are coming up, like this gorgeous wooden engraved plant press. And there’s talk about a webshop too.



So, after air plants, what’s ‘the next thing’? According to Mila it’s… *drumroll* moss balls. There you go.
Have you visited Wildernis yet? Find out more on their website:

In the next Green Walk article, coming up in two weeks time, Mila takes us on a green walk through some of her favorite neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. So stay tuned, or just sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this post.

But first, next week: an interview with Inge from Windwardmade. And I’m also moving house next week, eek! So many things happening all at once. But so good, SO good! :)