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“I’m Babette, a long time treasure hunter. For as long as I can walk my mom brought me to flea markets and thrift stores.That is where my love for old items started. I’ve been in love with all things vintage, especially brooches, purses, small alarm clocks in mint green or pink colors, old match boxes and botanical prints or maps. My love for vintage pull down charts ended up in a shop! I have been collecting these pull down charts for a while now.” (that’s Babette’s sister, by the way)


Mapsj vintage pulldown maps

I have to admit, the Mapsj shop makes me a little nervous: I just love all these vintage pulldown charts! For this shop feature, I picked my favorites to share with you (click for links to the items):

Vintage pull down chart White Deadnettle.

Vintage wall chart Fractions Dutch Mathematics.

Vintage pull down chart Pussy Willow.

Vintage German pull down chart Waterlily.


Visit the shop: Mapsj.
Babette’s other shop, with vintage brooches and brooch converters: Broesj.
(I happen to own a lot of Broesj brooches myself ;))