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the future kept aztec blanket

Meet Jeska & Dean Hearne, husband & wife, and creators of The Future Kept.

“Coming from a background of interior, graphic and product design, styling, photography, writing, professional bike riding and brand development, The Future Kept is part of a new adventure on our journey through life together.”

The Future Kept provides quality goods with an honest provenance for every day use. Items made to last in this modern world, heirlooms of the future, and hopes to inspire a curiosity and desire within people to make more sustainable and ethical choices.

I picked four of my personal favorites (discount code coming up at the end of this post!):


amelie mancini cactus pouch

Amelie Mancini Cactus pouch.


vilda vaxter wild harvested

Vilda Vaxter various wild harvested products.


ceramic coffee mug

Oh… this hand thrown Mountain ceramic mug!
Using British clay, made exclusively for The Future Kept by Julia Smith in her rural Inverness studio on the banks of the Moray Firth. What’s not to love.


ceramic coffee mug made in scotland 2

And finally:

the future kept mix

Can you tell I can’t choose? I mean, they have everything from chocolate to bags and gorgeous blankets…
The Future Kept generously provided a special discount code for visual strands readers. Just use code VS10OFF for 10% off in their shop. Enjoy!

Instagram: @thefuturekept

All images provided by © The Future Kept.