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Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator gets me every time. Her book ‘Creative Block’ was already a must-have (still is). I was sure I did a review on it, but I just realised that was on a previous blog. Which doesn’t exist anymore. Anyway, Danielle Krysa has a new book out: A big Important Art Book. To which she added: “Now with women!”.


The introduction starts: “Have you ever flipped through a beautiful art history book, or studied art history for that matter, and wondered, “Um, where are the women?”.”



Enough said, right? Well, not quite. Let me fill you in: not only is A Big Important Art Book a very inspiring book about female contemporary artists (Danielle got to ask them ALL the questions!), it also contains information on successful female artists throughout history and, as with ‘Creative Block’, assignments are included to inspire you to go and make some art as well.

And yes, it is big:


Now, I’d like to share a few sneaky peeks of some of my favorites with you!


Catherine Graffam. Sigh. So talented. And it’s so great to read about the personal journeys of artists, coming from themselves!


More Catherine Graffam. I couldn’t resist.


Seonna Hong. Yes, another US artist but I can assure you, lots of artists from other countries are represented too.


A Big Important Art Book doesn’t only feature painters, but textile artists, photographers, sculptors and more.


Ana Theresa Barboza from Peru makes gorgeous tributes to nature.


Carolina Antich’s work covers both painting and sculpture. Love.


Mexican artist Rachel Levit Ruiz is another cross-medium artist. I love her illustrative work and was happy to discover her ceramics too.


I hope you’ll be as excited about A Big Important Art Book as I am! It’s available everywhere now so don’t wait any longer and order a copy, or better yet: visit your local bookstore! <3 And I really recommend having a look at ‘Creative Block’ as well.

Have a great weekend and see you on Instagram!