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Visual strands and its contributors lovingly invest time and energy in bringing you inspiring content and will always stay true to the integrity of that content. The support of sponsors and friends is much appreciated, visual strands will continue to feature inspiring talent by only working with people and brands who share our vision. If you think we’re a good fit we’d love to have you on board, so do get in touch!

Mini free features for Indie shops

To help promote small independent sellers and brands, visual strands offers free product features from time to time: open to worldwide submissions. If you feel that your brand/product/shop is a perfect fit for visual strands, get in touch via the email form on our CONTACT page. I’d love to hear from you!

A feature includes: images of max. 4 products with links, picked by visual strands from your website/shop with your consent (795px wide images at 72 dpi provided by you), a little intro about your shop/products and a link to your shop/website. An additional photo of yourself (or yourselves) makes the feature more personal and readers will love you for it.

A discount code (provided by you) for visual strands readers would be great, but is of course always optional and the amount is completely up to you! Featured sellers and contributors have offered 10-25% discounts before, but 5% is absolutely fine if you’re selling more expensive products.
If you prefer to include a small extra product instead of a discount, feel free to offer that. Again, this is all optional and just a little extra something for visual strands readers who place an order in your shop with the provided code.

(photo below: featured shop Corotos Market)

Sponsored articles/posts

visual strands does offer sponsored articles, providing I -Yvonne de Jonge- write the article myself, and you -the brand- provide the beautiful images. Visual strands complies to European law, so I always mention when it involves a sponsored article/feature at the bottom of a post (on this website as well as on social media). All words and opinions must be my own and I only feature products/brands I love.
A sponsored post will include images (795px wide at 72 dpi, provided by you) and links. Let’s talk further details.

If you feel that your brand/product/shop is a perfect fit, get in touch via the email form on the CONTACT page. I’d love to hear from you. In case of featuring sponsored products, please do not send your products without contacting me first. Thank you.

NOTE: visual strands does not accept animated ads (because they are annoying) and of course no violence, nudity, profanity etc. visual strands reserves the right to refuse sponsored articles before purchase and remove links after purchase without refund if they are in conflict with these conditions. Of course you will be contacted if that occurs, to give you the opportunity to provide accurate links.

If you have other suggestions for collaborating or sponsoring, I’d love to hear from you!