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Hi there. I just wanted to share a little vegetable garden update with you today. Remember when we first made room for a vegetable garden? You can find it here: Growing veg for the first time.

We were off to a bit of a slow start and like all beginners, we still had lots to learn (which is half the fun, really). But now things are really happening! Walk with me:


First of all, let me show you this amazing seed shop we visited: Vreeken’s Zaden (Dutch). The seeds! The plants! The vintage logo! <3 We bought some exotic plants there too. But that’s for another post ;)


We couldn’t resist harvesting our first (way too tiny) radishes. It’s hard being patient as a first-time grower ;)


Luckily, there was more to come.


Giving our greenhouse a whitewash was an excellent idea. I don’t think the tomatoes and other veg would have survived in the harsh sun otherwise (it’s been really hot).


A little close up of those beautiful pea flowers.


The first of the legumes harvested! The seeds were actually a gift from friends who had lots left over from their own vegetable plot. They would have been out of date next year but now we got to enjoy them too. Yay for seed swaps.


We decided to sow corn in an empty spot where fruit will grow hopefully next year. They’re growing fast!


Sowing outside too soon meant a very slow growth for some plants and so we bought some small lettuces which grew rather rapidly – so I guess we’ll be eating a LOT of salad next week (which is a good thing in these temperatures).


Tomatoes are showing up too! We can’t wait…


And can I just talk cucumber for a bit? This plant is an absolute monster, ha! Way bigger than we thought it would be and the greenhouse seems very small now. Oh dear…


The first fruit became so big and heavy, we decided it need a bit of support. We since ate it and it was delicious! Almost melon-like in sweetness, still warm from the sun.


And last but not least: herbs. There really is nothing like fresh herbs in your food, or making your own pesto. This is a beautiful Basil, named Magic Mountain.

Hope you enjoyed this little update. Don’t forget to follow on Instagram, as I’m posting lots of sneaky peeks there, too. Have a wonderful weekend xx