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You know when you’re sorting through your iPhone photos and suddenly think: WHY didn’t I blog about this, it’s such an amazing place! Well, that’s what happened here so now I’m sharing my iPhone photos from Juli 2015(!) with you because this place is really worth a visit. And I want to go back there.

First photo: shocking pink! “Oh, that’s just the entrance”. Nice. Here’s another one:


Cities can be busy, crowded places and if you’ve ever been to Antwerp on a Saturday during ‘Solden’ (sale), you know what I’m talking about. Middelheim Museum Antwerp is a breath of fresh air. It’s a museum, a park and so much more. The entrance, amazingly, is free. You can just enjoy the green and have a picknick or read a book or admire the many artworks dotted around the grounds. It’s a special, calming place.


Want to have a little sit down? No problem, there are chairs or benches for your convenience.


Beautiful pavilion. And more art inside.


Ai Weiwei’s ‘The bridge without a name’


Older sculptures or more recent art, Middelheim has something for everyone.


Some art is a little hidden in the trees, feels like finding a treasure.


The light coming through the trees gives the sculptures just that something extra.


Now I call this sitting down Urban Jungle style ;)


Pink again. Make up your own caption, here.


Some objects are bigger than others.


In Middelheim, the trees alone are worth a visit. They have a lot of special examples.


Just magical.


And do visit the gardens.


Middelheim ‘castle’ also has a very nice open air cafe.


Some things are just hard to explain ;) I could show you more photos but I really think that, if you can, just go and spend the day there. You’ll come away feeling rested and inspired.

More information on the website:
You can download a very helpful map of the grounds here or pick one up at Middelheim (also free).