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Well here’s something I’ve been meaning to share with you for a while: there’s a new magazine in town. WOTH aka Wonderful Things started with a Kickstarter and now issue 2 is out already. Do I like it? Um, yes!

First, I’ll let you into a little secret: I’ve been a big design enthousiast since the early nineties. There, I said it. Shocking. After finishing college, the first thing I bought was (not furniture, but) a Juicy Salif by Philippe Starck. It would be the only design I could afford for years to come but it stood proudly in my tiny kitchen as a shining example of a big world filled with possibilities (this was before the internet took off).

Over the years I’ve seen quite a few magazines come and go, change styles and even replace their whole editorial departement (just saying). Anyway, after finding out that the people behind of one of my favorite magazines were making a magazine of their very own, I was very interested indeed. The first glimpses looked great and they really had me with their motto: “By, for and about design enthousiasts”.



So yes, I was in. Backed the kickstarter and before I knew it, I was holding issue 1 and loving it. Because we moved house and my workload was a bit ridiculous, I didn’t get ’round to posting much of anything, let alone a review for WOTH. And then issue 2 came out. What, already? So I decided on a subscription around the same time that WOTH was doing a giveaway for new subscribers. Serendipity-do.

The offer was a limited edition of tote bags in three designs by Raf Simons for Kvadrat. Would have been thrilled with any of them, but I happened to receive one in my favorite colours: pink and green. I’m not embarrassed to admit yelling “YAY!” when I saw it. I did. Such wonderful fabric. Touchy feely.



A glimpse of the content of issue 2.

Right, back to the magazine itself. Divided into three main categories: PEOPLE | PLACES | THINGS, WOTH magazine also has that extra edge to it, where they have designers and artists themselves contribute to the magazine. You can just tell people are having fun making it. The in-depth articles and stunning photography are a real treat.



PEOPLE. Personal stories about designers and beautiful photography.

Is there anything I don’t like about WOTH? Like with any magazine, of course not everything is to my own taste (most of it really is, though) but that’s beside the point. It’s always interesting to learn more about other people’s points of view and discover new things.



PLACES. Besides beautifully styled interiors, WOTH also shows ‘real’ designer workspaces.

Oh yes, there is one thing: typos. There are some in there and that’s a shame, I have to say. But. Making a magazine like this takes an awful lot of effort and it’s always easy to find something wrong if you try hard enough. So if that is it I think we’re fine here, right? ;)
(if you start looking for typos on visual strands now, do let me know)



A curated page, this one about illustration.

Oh yes, one more thing for our non-Dutch readers (there are quite a few): I only have the Dutch versions of WOTH issue 1 and 2. Poor translations are a pet peeve of mine and I really can’t comment wether or not the English versions are any good, because I haven’t seen them. Sorry.



THINGS. The latest on design, styled to perfection.



Are you excited yet? Lots of interesting articles can be found on their website as well, visit:
Have a great week, everyone!