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So when I said ‘see you in January’…

I’d like to say that I’ve been working really hard behind the scenes this month. But actually I’ve been thinking really hard (also on a personal level), and resting up.
After a year of working a lot and moving house at the end of October, it was just really necessary to reset. And to make some life choices again. Yep. It was good. And now I want to get started again!

Last year was wasn’t the best year for visual strands. I couldn’t find enough time and energy to invest there. 2015 was awesome, and I’d like to continue on that path.


Inspiring contributors

Having said all that, let’s not forget the inspiring contributors on in 2016:

Sandra Apperloo: Crafty Moods Project

Kelsey Oseid: Daily Animal project

Featured shop: Corotos Market

Paula Kool: Nature Art

Sterre Verbokkem: Wildfulness

Shop visit: Wildernis Amsterdam

Interview: Windwardmade


And I published many more (mostly green) articles, just have a look at ALL in the menu.
Hm, not that bad, actually. Sometimes it’s good to look at what you actually did do.


Some best-liked photos of 2016 on Instagram.


Themes are back

2015 was also the year of loosely set themes, such as heritage, mountain women, take me to the sea and partner up. I’ll be reintroducing some loose themes again this year.

If you have an idea about a theme, contributor or anything else that would be interesting for visualstrands or if you would like to collaborate, drop me an email! Collaborations are high on my list this year as well.

First post of the year done, I think I deserve a cup of tea ;) The first step is always the hardest, right? Glad you’re still with me, and hello to our new readers. Talk soon!