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Time for a new Urban Jungle Bloggers topic! Now, I usually like my plants in vintage ceramics and so this month’s topic proved a bit of a challenge, as I didn’t want to buy new glass pots.



The solution: I used my trusty IKEA drinking glass and a vintage pressed glass measuring can. The glass vases in the background are also vintage. I love smokey glass, don’t you?



Oh and instead of buying glass I did go out and bought all these new plants (like a proper Urban Jungle Blogger ;)). So happy with these!



This Oxalis is a plant I’ve been eyeballing for a while: Igor has one. I divided it to plant in the soft pink pot too. It’s so pretty!



Fun pink ‘crowned’ cactus in the IKEA drinking glass.



I love vintage smoke glass vases. I used this one in an earlier Easter Urban Jungle Bloggers post: here.



And this one in a Christmas Urban Jungle Bloggers post: here.



Okay, not in a glass pot, but I couldn’t resist a close up of this cutie in a ‘new’ pot I bought at an annual flea market.



And finally, a little close up of the gorgeous new Fatsia Japonica plant I bought today: we’re going to be so happy together…

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