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Love the New Beginnings topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers! This past year I’ve been taking small and big steps towards my own new beginnings (and I’m not done yet) so it really appeals to me on a personal level. But that’s a whole other post ;)


For my New Beginnings styling how could I not use blossom (in a vintage vase)? It’s such a beautiful and abundant symbol for Spring. Only in flower for a short time each year, blossoming trees always fill me with joy. They also remind me of my first steps in the blogging world, when I chose the name Mouseblossom (tagline: thoughts of a blossoming Mouse, my nickname) seven(!) years ago. SO much has happened since then.


I took the photo above in our previous home, where we had a small cherry tree. Sometimes all you need is a simple Japanese soy sauce container and a small blossoming twig…


Celebrating Spring in our new garden – which actually has sun at this time of year – is an added bonus. And so are the blossom trees in our neighbours’ gardens, just stunning!


Garden-wise, we have been busy building our very own vegetable garden including a green house, as you can see here: Growing vegetables for the first time. It may be some time before we can tackle the rest of the garden because we want to grow everything either from seed, propagation or green gifts from friends’ own gardens. It’s going to be a very personal and low-budget garden.

Having said that, I do love urban plant shops like Stek in Rotterdam and Wildernis in Amsterdam for our indoor plants. I can’t believe I haven’t written about our own local urban plant shop yet. It’s fab. On the to-do list!

Urban Jungle Bloggers now have seasonal topics instead of monthly, by the way. Sounds good to me. If you want to join the Urban Jungle Bloggers fun, just visit