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Wings Denise Beckand

When we asked Denise Beckand (color consultant, blogger, paper artist) if she would make us something special for the launch of visual strands, she certainly didn’t disappoint: she made these wonderful papercut wings!


Wings Denise Beckand detail

Denise, about her work:

Spread your wings

‘A person who spreads his wings: a pioneer, a free spirit, free of limits and boundaries’

Spread your wings for a new beginning, a new experience. A new beginning means going back to basics and allowing yourself to open up to new stimuli, to be amazed, to discover and to think freely. For this first edition of visual strands I created paper wings consisting of hand cut feathers. I used white to express purity, pureness, openness and sensitivity.

You could say that I’m a true paper lover! Every time it feels like a small miracle how a two-dimensional sheet of paper just comes to life in my hands. I’m always looking for the unusual, the unexpected in paper.

Denise Beckand

© all photos: Denise Beckand.


Get the special edition free download of the wings print: here.
We’d love to see how you style the print in your home, workspace or outside: share your photos on Instagram + Twitter and add #visualstrandswings