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Portrait Andres Joyce de Lange On a hazy morning

Joyce and Andres de Lange, also known as team On a hazy morning are two talented Dutch photographers / visual storytellers. By working together on assignments, they bring a double perspective to the table which leads to beautiful and unexpected photography.


Looking at their photos is like going on little adventures, they really know how to capture the special vibe of each moment. Wandering city streets or exploring nature, their photographs urge a sense of discovery.

When I asked what they would like to share for this issue of visual strands (and I told them it could be anything they wanted), I received these beautiful photos of their California roadtrip, which for me really embody their shared love of photography, nature, travel and exploration:


Travel photography Pacific onahazymorning
Pacific Ocean, Pacific Coastal Highway, California.


Travel photography greenhouse Onahazy-morning
Greenhouse in the garden of General Store in Outer Sunset.


Travel photography muir woods onahazymorning
Ferns in Muir Woods.


Travel photography san francisco onahazymorning
San Francisco houses.


It’s not a secret that these two know their way around a good cup of coffee. Their long love affair with the black gold started in Manhattan, where they were given their first taste of ‘the best coffee ever’. Since, they made it their mission to find the best places to get excellent coffee anywhere in the world. More coffee-related adventures on their website and Instagram.

California San Francisco onahazymorning
Four Barrel Coffee.


Find out more about Joyce and Andres’ work on their website:

Onahazymorning kindly provided the photos for this article.
All images: ©onahazymorning.