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Last Friday we visited beautiful museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar (NL). The Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka exhibit was the main reason for visiting but I also fell in love with the museum itself and the other exhibits (more on that this Thursday!).

But now, I can’t wait to show you lots and lots of sneaky peeks of Jonas Wood’s works. They are SO inspiring. You should really see them in person though, seriously. We didn’t want to leave. Enjoy!


‘Maritime Hotel Pot With Aloe’, Jonas Wood.


‘Untitled’ screenprinted lithographs, Jonas Wood.


‘Chia-Ming Sze House’, Jonas Wood.


‘Schindler Apts’, Jonas Wood.


‘Black Still Life Collage’, a peek at Jonas Wood’s methods: “once the ‘sketch’ is completed, he enlarges the collage and reproduces it by painting it onto a larger canvas, as he has done with Large Shelf Still Life” (next image).


‘Large Shelf Still Life’, Jonas Wood.


From the series ‘Clipping Index 2’, Jonas Wood.


Another from the series ‘Clipping Index 2’, Jonas Wood.


And a detail photo!


From the series ‘Clipping Index 1’, Jonas Wood.


Another from the series ‘Clipping Index 1’, Jonas Wood.


And the last one from the series ‘Clipping Index 1’, Jonas Wood.


Gasp! So good, aren’t they! This visit really made me want to pick up a brush and pencils and start making… I hope it inspired you as well.

More inspiration from this wonderful exhibit on Thursday (there simply was too much to share for just one article), featuring Shio Kusaka and others.