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Marijke van Oostrum is a visual artist from Amsterdam. She makes the most amazing sewn woodland sketches. I first saw her work at Zomer Expo (Summer Exhibition) in GemeenteMuseum The Hague last year. This year was her third(!) year in this exhibition. I asked Marijke if she wanted share a little more about her work process:


Marijke van Oostrum 1

Take a step back and see a beautiful game of light and shadow unfold.


Marijke van Oostrum 2

“I walk my dogs twice a day in the Amsterdam Forest (‘Amsterdamse bos’) and take photos. I make my sewn woodland sketches from those images.”


Marijke van Oostrum 3

“In my studio in Amsterdam I have a wall filled with old patches of fabric, which I stitch together with my sewing machine.”


Marijke van Oostrum

Marijke in her studio


Marijke van Oostrum 4

“My work is small: the size is approximately 30 x 24 cm, but by using various layers of fabric and yarn it becomes quite sturdy. Through those different layers I try to attain depth in my work.”


Marijke van Oostrum 5

“The branches weave their own pattern.
The sun makes it magical and everything is changed but a moment later.
I don’t have to travel far, everything is right here.
A little piece of woodland that catches my eye is what I’m trying to retain.
With sewing machine lines and patches of fabric.”
(translated from Dutch)


Marijke van Oostrum 6

Find more beautiful work on her website:
All images: © Marijke van Oostrum