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The theme for Dutch Design Week 2017 is STRETCH. DDW is definitely one of my favorite design events as it’s so laid back and there is SO much to see and do. This year I have enough to share for a whole week and so that’s what I’ll be doing right here on visual strands and on our Instagram. If you can’t go or if you are going later this week (it’s on until the 29th), I have you covered with snippets of inspiration.

Let’s start with Klokgebouw, which consists of 4 big halls with lots to see. I highlighted a few here:


As one of the starting points and the main ticket sale venue it can get really crowded, I do recommend going early and visiting this first to avoid the majority of the crowds and get a chance to view everything better and chat with the designers themselves.


A designer I admire is Nienke Hoogvliet (image above: Nienke Hoogvliet / M. Boonstra). Her research-focussed design is always interesting (other posts: Earth Matters, Designkwartier and DDW2015). For DDW 2017 Nienke combined the themes circularity and ephemerality in a series of biodegradable urns titled ‘Mourn’.

I noticed this theme loosely recurring throughout Dutch Design Week and will share a few other examples later on this week.


A peek of ‘Mourn’ (above).


Also in Klokgebouw, this ‘Hubba Bubba’ lamp by Andréason & Leibel lamp caught my eye. The combination with their ‘Black Hollow’ occasional table is just fabulous, don’t you think? Or as they put it: “Waiting for the big A while chewing gum, a personal take on human traces”.


Finally, this beautiful work by Hanna Jansdotter. With ‘Fading Prints’, a series of art glass and vases, she explores the borders between utility objects and art:

Tune in tomorrow and the rest of the week for more Dutch Design Week inspiration here and on Instagram!

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