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Welcome to part two of our tour around DesignKwartier!

(Find Part 1: ‘Urban green’ here).


First up is Windmakers: an initiative of five designers and artists who opened up their workspaces, situated around their collective shop, to the public.

Peek inside a studio at Windmakers.


Design details in one of the studios at Windmakers.


Next: Not only is Edwin Pelser one of the initiators of the festival: besides his own shop, he also runs the only Muuto Brandstore in the world, which is conveniently situated next door.

At Edwin Pelser’s shops.


Kids find a way to enjoy themselves, regardless of design. Paper vase by Pepe Heykoop.


Beautiful glass at Edwin Pelser.


Design loves you is an initiative by Sander and Marijke Lucas. They express their love for design through broches, pendants, t-shirts and screen prints of designer furniture.


YurtStore. Number 28 on the design route.

Now here’s a place I didn’t want to leave: at YurtStore you’ll find contemporary design from countries along the Silk Route. Up and coming designers, using old crafts and materials or traditional fabric, are given the opportunity to show their work here. Everything was so beautiful!


Ceramic hammam bowl with amazing glaze by Beyza Özgören (brand: Mesele) at YurtStore.


Baharat: beautifully made wooden objects.


Tas-ka’s latest product-line at their store. Fun!


Right, let’s hit the streets! Besides food, there was even more design to see:



These tiny electric cars date from the 70’s and 80’s and are now part of the Dutch Industrial Heritage. DesignKwartier started a crowdfunding campain so designers could use them during the festival to peddle their wares.


Inge Simonis’ gorgeous ceramic cups displayed in one of the tiny cars.


Collective De Besturing brings an ode to failure in the design process.



3D design exhibit GO3D, housed in the Museum of Communication.


Visitors with goodie-bags at GO3D.


‘Aera Fabrica’ by Roos Meerman at GO3D: inflated 3D!


Thanks again to Mario Aspeslagh, who came with me and took care of the beautiful photography! Mario Aspeslagh is a Dutch photographer, art director and keen birder. Read about his story: here.


I hope you enjoyed this little stroll along DesignKwartier festival. Of course there was so much more to see.
News flash: we’ll be visiting Dutch Design Week in October and will go a little more in-depth then.