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Starting a new monthly series!

I’m on a quest for beautiful design by independent designers and small brands. Once a month, I’ll share my favorites with you. Do let me know what you think.

Personally, I do love a well-designed lamp. Today I’m sharing my favorite pendants and table lamps from Crowdy House. Trust me, it wasn’t easy to pick just a few.

Crowdy House is a premiere (launch) platform and marketplace for both new and established designers and makers. Premieres are brand new product launches, exclusive to Crowdy House, from their international community of designers and makers. Each product is launched over a 3 week campaign, and you can pre-order designs before they are produced.

Colour me impressed.

Pran Pendant P-PR SPL-276-2 by POSITION Collective:


They have so many more gorgeous designs:


The wooden Wube Led Pendant Light by Studio Sjoerd Jonkers looks so at home in this urban jungle environment:


A little different and beautifully made, Bridge Floor Lamp Small by Francesco Meda:


Not paper but concrete! Like Paper by dua:


Some really nice makers photo’s there, too.

I really like the simplicity of this design. Also, never underestimate the importance of a good switch: Jet Chrome Lamp by ALTRAFORMA360:


This multifunctional lamp is just perfect for a small workspace: Back to Basic Lamp concrete white by Studio Isabel Quiroga:


Oh wicker, I’m so glad you’re back: Light Of Nature Wicker Pendant Lamp by MĀJO:


Clever and stylish: lighting + table combination ‘TWO’ by MĀJO:


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Discovered any new favorites? Update: This article no longer contains affiliate links!
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