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“Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life”. That was the tagline of Creative Life, which took place for the very first time in Utrecht this weekend. It was a three day event and I went on Saturday, meeting up with creative friend Annelies from Dutch DIY blog who was invited as a live blogger that day.

I was a little hesitant that there would be a lot of ‘not very creative stands just selling stuff’ but once I saw the line-up I got excited.


Creative Life offered lots of workshops, demonstrations, talks and you could meet up with well-known illustrators and other creatives. The venue was the wonderfully industrial Werkspoorkathedraal. It was all very relaxed and it was nice to see familiar faces and catch up with creative friends.

And yes, there was some stuff. But really nice stuff ;) I’ll share some photo’s I made (iPhone) to give you an impression.


Of course there were weaving and macramé demos and workshops.


Everything was very open and you could get up close to everything and everyone.


Have a little sit down anywhere.


Illustrators were drawing on the spot (if you’re good and sit still, you’ll get a lolly. According to the sign)


Letterpress, talks, sewing, plant workshops and more…


Groenlab offered terrarium workshops.


You could get a design lasered onto a wooden item, or bring your own (design and item).


Screen printing at lovely InDRUKwekkend (roughly translates as ImPRESSive, get it? ;))


More workshops and meetups with illustrators at HappyMakersBlog.



And at fabulous Urlaub. Immer gut.


I had to try the Creative Brainfood concept by Ria of More than Mayo (no alcohol or funny business, I’m not that adventurous ;)) It felt refreshing. And it was pink.


As was some of the decor. Ha.


Motiflow prints unique designs on textile.


Time for a break. Food trucks. Yay. And vegan options. Double yay! Had a really nice salad from the red van on the left there.


And later on a beautiful juice from Babes Coffee (cutting down on coffee, or trying to and this was a refreshing alternative) and the. best. vegan. matcha cheesecake I ever had (this was my first but now I’m hooked) from Sprinkles Bakery. Wow. Look, here they are:


Mjam mjam (nom nom) indeed.


What else? Oh yes, lots of beautiful things sold by the makers themselves. This is by Elke van den Berg.


And Jurianne Matter. Love her work.


Annnd then we got caught on camera by two funny ladies from Instax.

It was a fun day! Creative Life will be back next year. So if you want to go and have a relaxed time, learn new skills and meet up with like-minded creatives, don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 2018.