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Do you remember Mario’s story: How bird photography changed my life, here on visual strands? Do have a look if you haven’t.

I love ‘behind the scenes’ looks, don’t you? So today I’m sharing a private look behind the scenes of Mario’s (Dutch) bird photography. These snapshots span quite a few years and were made by me, using a regular camera or iPhone.

And so they actually also give you an insight in a peculiar little hobby of mine: birder-watching. Or, photographing-the-photographer. Very entertaining. Of course I asked Mario if he’d mind. His response was: ‘I have no pride’. Which, of course, is good enough for me ;)


Ah the life of a bird photographer. It’s not all glamour you know. You used to have to lug heavy equipment around:


Looking for birds isn’t always easy, other wildlife tends to creeps up on you too:



A little assistance comes in handy, you might miss something whilst checking your photos:



You need a lot of patience, especially when it’s turning dark (and then your wife gets in the way a little):



You return to the same spot several times over the years:



Then when you spot the bird you have to act quickly, stealthy…



Sometimes it gets downright uncomfortable:



And a little embarrassing:



Cold, too:




But you do get to visit some beautiful spots:



I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes (and Mario doesn’t kill me ;))

©Yvonne de Jonge. All photos were taken by me, right here in the Netherlands.