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If you have just a few hours to spend in Rotterdam, where would you go? Well, I met up with my friends for a spontaneous visit to this diverse city last Saturday and this is where we went.


First up was Op het dak, which translates as ‘On the roof’ and is situated… on a roof. We climbed seven flights of stairs to get there because the lift was out of order but if you visit and find yourself in the same situation: climb the stairs. It’s worth it.

On the roof you’ll find a lovely spot (hopefully also in the sun, although the indoor space is very nice too) to sit, relax and enjoy the food, drinks and even a rooftop vegetable garden. It was still looking a little barren as it’s only the beginning of Spring here. All the more reason for a second visit.


Juice, good food and sun: not to shabby.


Looking out over the city and the rooftop vegetable garden at Op Het Dak.


Op Het Dak is no hole in the wall. Um, well actually there is a hole in the wall – it has glass in it though (sorry terrible pun ;))


Wooden walkways connect certain areas above the road: very cool.


Rotterdam is a vibrant, colourful ciry.


Lots of street art. Some people compare it to Berlin. I’ve never been there so I can’t confirm, but do let me know your own opinion.


Vinyl shops galore.


Stek is an urban plant shop, similar to Wildernis in Amsterdam (read here: shop visit Wildernis Amsterdam). Of course we had to go in and have a look.


I just love the combination of black minimal art with the plants at Stek Rotterdam. A real urban jungle in there. Oh and they happen to sell the Urban Jungle book here, too ;)


Not your grandma’s Begonia.  Look at those pink veins!


Our time in Rotterdam was almost up and before we had to catch our trains, we decided on some sushi (vegan too for me, yay) at Sumo. Love the decor. Make sure you have a reservation though.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour and recommendations. If you have recommendations of your own, do let me know!
As always, all photos are made by me. Except this time the photo with the hole in the wall at Op Het Dak. Thank you to Annelies from Allihoppa blog for lending me that one for this post.