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Final blogpost of the year!

And what a year it has been. Apart from everything in the news (seriously), work/life has been mad. But I’ve learned SO much. Juggling two very different jobs this past year was… interesting. It finally made me realize a few things I really want to act on so it’s definitely been worth it.

AND we unexpectedly moved house at the end of October. Something I’ve been wanting for years and then suddenly: chaos. It’s really nice out here, and the new (big and empty) garden means Gardening! and: Veg! Plot! Very exciting.


What to expect in 2017

This past year I haven’t been posting on visual strands as much as I would have liked. Also: the editorial calendar went out the window. Such an important thing though. So I will be reintroducing that from 2017 and onwards. If you haven’t been using an editorial calendar for your own blog: it truly helps to focus and get stuff done. Highly recommended.

In 2017 expect more interesting interviews, essays, behind the scenes, beautiful art, photography etcetera and peeks at our progress on the house and garden. I’ve heard I should really share more of my own life, I’m listening ;)

And do let me know if there is anything YOU would love to see (more of) on visual strands. I will continue to invite inspiring creatives to share their views, interests, tips and life right here on visual strands. It’s going to be SO good!

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On a more personal note: I’ve been thinking A LOT about work/life and how to put thoughts into action. For me, 2017 will be seeing a lot of change and I’ll be sharing my own tips and experiences as well. Never stop learning. Or sharing.


No more New Year’s resolutions

I hope you’re enjoying your holidays so far. Instead of the semi-compulsory New Year’s resolutions list, let’s go for one or two things we actually put into action (and enjoy), shall we? Have a great New Year’s eve and I’ll see you back here in 2017!