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This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers topic is a special one! Planty Wishes for 2016: whatever inspires to show your planty wishes and positive energy.

Now, I could have made something Christmassy, but I opted for something which is relevant all year round: a little celebration of the tiny plants I love. Oh and I really wanted to show off this bohemian rug I just thrifted too:



It’s pink! And black! Enough said, right?

Besides making a ‘green’ vignette, I wanted to give you a little planty gift as well: botanical illustrated gift labels (or, tags), perfect to add to your green gifts all year round. Hope you like them. I made the original illustration using India ink and a dip pen.



They are free for personal non-commercial use. Download the pdf here: Botanical gift labels.

I printed them on 200 grams eco kraft paper. If you can, print high resolution and use thick paper for the best result (providing your printer can handle it). Or have them printed at a copy shop, they should have a large choice of paper and can cut them for you as well.



Why not join Urban Jungle Bloggers and show us your own Planty Wishes! Just go to and find out more. Can’t wait to see all of your planty wishes.

Wishing you wonderful -green- holidays!