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Hi there! It’s been a while, let’s get started with this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers topic (yes, they’re back as well): Plantselfie. Or, showing the person behind the plants. Um, right. I’m definitely not a selfie person, but I do like to show off my plants so here’s a photo of a blurry me (I really should go and get a new fringe cut, but anyway) with two of my favorite plant cuttings: Oxalis and Crassula Ovata. In vintage ceramic pots, of course.



Quickly moving on to some more exciting stuff, because Judith and Igor just launched their first Urban Jungle book! I received it a few days ago and it is SO lovely. I wanted to share just a few images with you but seriously, go and get the book. You won’t regret it.



I mean, the cover alone is reason enough (there’s also a German version with a different but equally beautiful cover).



And then there are all the talented people who share their homes and plants. It’s like visiting old friends (old friends with fabulous homes that is).



Oh hi there, guys :)



Had to share this one. I just love Janneke Luursema‘s style (right page).



This. Plant! Yes, Calathea is definitely on the wish list. See, that’s the trouble with this book. So much eye candy.

And not only does it contain a whole heap of swoon-worthy interior photos but also lots of useful information about caring for different kinds of plants. Oh and some fun DIY’s too, like this one by Tiffany Grant-Riley:



News flash: the book has only just been released and is already being reprinted! That is so cool. Congratulations on everyone who worked hard to make this book, it really is one of my favorite new buys.

More about Urban Jungle Bloggers, how to join in and where to order the book:
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