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These days, there is a LOT of plant-related art, from terrarium illustrations to cacti and monstera leaves. Plants are everywhere and I’m loving it!

But of course art doesn’t have to be plant-related to work with live plants. First I thought about making a little minimalist black and white vignette, as that contrasts so beautifully with the green of the plants, but then I decided on this print by Julia Pott. I love her work, it’s so… awkward :) And minimalism went out the window.


Let’s not forget the plants themselves! I opted for some mini succulents and cacti, also a trend that can’t hang around long enough for me. Some vintage pots and crystals really add to the atmosphere.


And of course moody photography, nothing too bright. We’re heading for autumn here and to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. Now for some soy candles ;) and I’ll be autumn-ready. Bring on those pots of tea and homemade cakes!


Do you have any favorite artists who are making plant-related art at the moment? Please share in the comments, I’m really curious to know!

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I kept a little secret ’till last: Urban Jungle Bloggers is featured in vtwonen loves blogs, a special annual edition. How cool is that. And… I’m in there as well, see? Thanks so much Judith, Igor, vtwonen and Meet The Blogger for including me, I’m so proud to be part of this!
(note: I decided to stop blogging on mouseblossom[.]nl just after providing my photos and info for the magazine, that’s why it doesn’t say

Can’t stop feeling the paper, it’s fab (the graphic designer in me is drooling). If you like, you can order a copy (in Dutch): here. Right, that’s quite enough of me. I’m off to have a look at all the other Urban Jungle Bloggers contributions, let me know if you’re joining in!