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You guessed it: it’s Urban Jungle Bloggers time! This month’s topic is Plants & Flowers and it was a bit of a tricky one for me, because although I do like flowers, I’m not the kind of girl that enjoys cut flowers in the home. There’s just something about slowly withering plants and flowers that make me a little sad (yes, Christmas trees too). Oh dear, sorry about that. Quickly moving on to a positive note ;)



So: yes to flowering plants in the garden, and in the home as long as they’re in the soil and thriving. As it happens, my Ceropegia Woodii had been putting up quite a display of tiny soft pink flowers for months (at the time of the photoshoot not so much, ha). My secret? Neglect it! Just a drop of water once a week is plenty.

Of course flowers don’t always have to be obvious and bold. When I bought this plant, I didn’t even know it was a flowering plant. Imagine my surprise when I discovered these little gems.

Look at how small they are at first:



And to prove I really do love flowers, check out the orchid wall paper that has been ‘cheering up’ our hallway for the last decade (succulent added because… well, succulent ;) no proper excuse needed):


How do you use flowers in your home?

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Did you know that UrbanJungleBloggers received an innovation award at Meet the Blogger conference last weekend? Here they are with all the other award winners (sorry for the bad quality, I only brought my old iPhone):


Congratulations, Igor and Judith!
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