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Hello dear readers

To kick off our relaunch, I wanted to share this book review with you. Because I would like visual strands to be more about the important things. Things that actually touch us all. Be it visual or otherwise, and always inspiring. We’re resuming our weekly posts from now on, with some excellent new contributors and surprises coming up. Good to have you here!



This is a good guide

This is a good guide is a brand new book (the English version; the Dutch original came out earlier), an independent guide to living sustainably, by Marieke Eyskoot. This English version is usefully adapted to suit an international audience.

This is a good guide is also available as an ebook. Prefer Dutch? It’s called Dit is een goede gids.



Living more sustainable lives

Now I’ve been interested in this topic for a very long time, trying to implement as much as possible in my own life, and was curious to see if this book had anything to add. It does. I’m really excited about it.



Living sustainably does not have to be the opposite of living fabulously either! This book is filled with useful and interesting facts, tips, interviews and information about gorgeous brands and stores (not sponsored). From fashion, beauty, home and food to work, leasure, travel and human connection. Without being vague or preachy.



It helps empower each and every one of us to make more conscious choices in our lives. And that’s a good thing, right? Making the right choices (for ourselves) can actually free us to enjoy the good (and beautiful) things in life in a more thoughtful way and in doing so help others to do the same.



Would you like to live more sustainably but don’t know where to start because it all seems so overwhelming? Start with this book. It hands you options. You don’t have to do everything or everything all at once. Just pick something that touches you, read up on the subject and make the best choices you can. Go from there. It really is possible.



About the author

“Marieke Eyskoot (1977) is sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert. She puts contemporary, conscious living on the map. Marieke is a sought-after speaker, presenter and consultant, and co-founder of international fair fashion trade show MINT.

With over 15 years of experience, she has an extensive global ethical network. She’s featured in several top-women lists and was nominated as Amsterdam Citizen of the Year. For many media, Marieke is the go-to person for all things sustainable.”


Words and images in this article by Yvonne de Jonge.