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It’s the day before Christmas and it’s actually sunny! Now if you’re in Australia (or New Zealand ;)) you’re probably saying: ‘So?’ but here in the Netherlands we’re usually ‘enjoying’ (read: complaining about) rain at this time of year. And of course hoping for snow. But that hardly ever happens. Wait, where was I going with this?

Ah yes, I was about to tell you my Plan for visual strands. Hang on to your seat belts: I’m taking a week off. Yes, that’s it (insert disappointing music). Next week I’ll just be enjoying some time off in general to relax, eat nice food, watch too many films and series, take long nature walks… That sort of thing. SO ready for that.
And the week after I’ll be working like mad on visual strands. But… I won’t be posting any articles. So actually you won’t be hearing from me for two(!) whole weeks.

At the end of January, visual strands will be a year old

Can you believe it! The past year has been a bit of a rollercoaster, especially the last few months. Juggling the -self imployed- day job with visual strands and Mouseblossom (Update: no longer active) has been challenging. And on top of that, we’ve been trying to sell our house, which means a lot of tidying, cleaning (not to mention worrying) and leaving the house so viewers can come in. No luck so far, but we’re feeling hopeful for 2016.

I’ll have some wonderful things to share but I really need to take a little extra time to focus and just put the work in. And so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll be giving the website a little makeover before she turns one too. Any tips, advice and constructive criticism are most welcome. Get ready for visual strands 2.0.


But first, Christmas! The paper star at the top of the tree is from Dille & Kamille, I bought the candle above there too (not sponsored, in case you were wondering ;)). It smells delicious. Couldn’t find soy or other plant based candles anywhere else around here (small town). And this one’s actually made in the UK?
Right, we need some plant based candle workshops over here. I’m willing to host them, if you’re willing to give them ;) That would be fun, actually. Anyway, this Christmas I wanted plant based candles instead of paraffin ones. And vegan dinner instead of vegetarian (for me, anyway). I’m so glad Mario sees it as a challenge instead of a ‘problem’. He’s the cook, you know.

This is also the year that we bought our first official Christmas tree – feeling like proper grownups. Faux, but it looks so real! And we’ll be able to use it forever. We decided to ‘grow’ our decorations by buying a handmade ornament from an independent seller each year. That way, we don’t spend too much in one go (the tree looks a little bare right now, but it has tiny led lights), we’ll be supporting small businesses and have unique decorations!

I bought this hand painted quail ornament from Kelzuki. No regrets there. After Christmas I’ll hang it somewhere else in the house, it’s so beautiful:


I wanted to leave you with some inspiring holiday posts I came across recently:
Decor8 – Wishing you peace and joy (brought tears to my eyes).
EclecticTrends – My December mood board. And a few personal thoughts (so recognizable).
DesignForMankind – Dress code (I love her writing).

Have you read some inspiring things lately? Feel free to share!

Right, time to sign off now. But not before I thank all of you for visiting and supporting visual strands, it really means a lot. Also a big thank you to all contributors, who have been amazingly generous with their talent and time. A little idea turned into something so much more. I wish you all a wonderful holiday and hope to meet you back here in 2016!

During the holidays I will be posting on Instagram, catch up with me there: @visualstrands.