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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of posts about slowing down and saying ‘no’. Maybe because summer is here (in this part of the world) and we’re all ready for a break and some sun & fun (on the other hand there are the bloggers who keep shouting that we need to Hustle! All! The! Time! Um, okay).

Since a few months I’ve been working two jobs. All because I intended to change my work/life and take things a little slower. Don’t ask how this happened, I’m slightly confused myself ;) Yes, it’s been a bit much. But necessary. I’ll be working all through summer as well. Looking forward to 2x 3 days off during this vacation period, and that’s including the two Sundays.

Note: I don’t want to be someone who works all the time and has no time for friends or just plain enjoying life. Let’s not glorify ‘the busy’. Decided on that a while ago. See that see/air? That’s where I want to be.


So now a new decision (drumroll):

I’m taking a summer blog break!


Some really cool things are coming up in September and October and I want to get stuck into visual strands 2.0 as well (yes yes, and the whole hustle thing). Really looking forward to that. So it’s just not going to happen right now. That’s fine.

I’m slowing down. Working when I have to and just enjoying life and resting whenever I can.

I hope you’re able to do the same. Enjoy and take care of yourselves (oh and let’s stay in touch on Instagram or Facebook).
See you in September! (or maybe a bit sooner ;))