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Oh 2017, you went by so very fast. Let’s have a little look at some of the many wonderful things that happened here on visual strands this past year:

2017 started with a look back to 2016 and some fabulous collaborations: We are back.

Then, learning new skills:
Learn new skills with Skillshare.

Some personal posts about our new (veg) garden:
Snow in the garden.
Growing vegetables for the first time.
Vegetable garden update.

Meanwhile, these inspiring contributors were forging their own paths:
Lina Skukauské.
Wieteke Opmeer.

We discovered new places and visited fabulous events and museums:
Creative Life.
A day in Rotterdam.
Middelheim museum park in Antwerp.
Earth Matters.
Textielmuseum Tilburg.
Museum Voorlinden: Jonas Wood.
Museum Voorlinden: Shio Kusaka and others.

Okay, so Dutch Design Week needed it’s own category with 5(!) posts (there was SO much to see):
Part 1: Klokgebouw.
Part 2: Veem.
Part 3: Piet Hein Eek.
Part 4: TAC.
Part 5: Design Academy Graduation Show.

And Melissa and I did a little collaboration over on Little Word Studio:
Letters of inspiration.


Well now 2017, actually you weren’t half bad ;)

Dear readers, I would really like to thank you for supporting visual strands and all our inspiring contributors here and over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (if you’re new to visuals strands: welcome!). We wouldn’t be here without you. 2018 will be all about finding new inspiring things for you to read and look at, forging new paths, making new connections and collaborating. All the things we love.

And do keep your inspiring comments, ideas and collaborations coming!

Enjoy your holidays and have a fabulous New Years Eve, however you’re celebrating (Mario and I are looking forward to long evenings eating lovely food, watching too many films with cats and blankets on laps. All very classy =^x^=), and hope to see you (again) in 2018!

Oh and in case you were wondering: our Christmas decorations are from Dille & Kamille, one of my favorite shops (not sponsored ;)) Bye for now!