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Plant Power was one of the projects at Dutch design festival DesignKwartier that really stood out for me and I wanted to find out a little more about the person behind the concept. Roos Rutjes was kind enough to answer a few questions.



Plant Power concept store at DesignKwartier.


This concept store, a collaboration between creative stylist / designer Roos Rutjes (photo above) and interior stylist Iris Roozendaal, beautifully showcased the power of plants and the different ways in which plants are processed. It was inspired by Roos’ love for the plant based kitchen and her styling for the book Plant Power by food stylist / vegan cook book writer Lisette Kreischer.

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Roos and Lisette are also the people behind ecofabulous lifestyle agency Veggie in Pumps. Their mission? To inspire people to integrate the plant based kitchen into their every day life. Veggie in Pumps specialise in making beautiful and stylish plant based cook books, they already have eight to their name!



Lisette and Roos in action.


Can you explain in short what Veggie in Pumps does?

“Veggie In Pumps is an ecofabulous food service and food design company. We deliver food experience with taste, feel and look. You can book us for inspiring lectures, events, bookmaking, magazine items, museum material and teaching programs.”




Their latest collaboration is Lisette’s new book Groente uit Zee (‘Ocean Greens’), which was released… this October 13, so it’s available right now!

Groente uit Zee is a colourful and informative book about seaweed and also contains about 50 delicious plant based recipes. It’s written in Dutch, but they are already working on an English translation so keep an eye out for that.
If you’re thinking: sea weed is fabulous, really?! Yes really, find out more here: Ocean Greens.




Any new projects coming up?

“Yes: the new food styling & photography for The Dutch Weed Burger (and that would be sea weed). Work on a new website has started and will be launching soon.
Also, I’m planning to open a styling bureau in The Hague, where you can actually visit, experience and purchase conscious (food)design à la plant power. That is my dream and goal to achieve within a year!”

Find out more about Roos on her website: and

© Top two photos: Mario Aspeslagh. Other photos: Lisette Kreischer/Roos Rutjes.


That burger looks delicious, I’ve heard only good things about it and can’t wait to test it soon too! Turns out that the sea weed used in the burger is harvested right here in my province (Zeeland). I love it when things come together like this, everything really is connected. Oh and if you want to find out what I think: don’t forget to follow visual strands on Instagram and Twitter ;)