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Mountain DIY 17


Make your own mountain print tea towel!

What you’ll need: pencil, paper, soft lino block, lino cutter/knife, ink pad or fabric paint, scissors, linen/cotton plain tea towel or fabric, iron.


1. Draw a mountain peak and cloud shape onto your the lino block. If you want to sketch it out first, I suggest drawing it on a piece of paper first and once you’re happy with it, turn the paper over. Using a pencil, shade all over the back of the sketch. Flip it back over, place it on your lino block and trace your pattern onto the lino.


Mountain DIY 3-6


2. Cut out your lino using your knife/cutter. Think about what you want the print outline to look like and cut off the lino around the outline that you want to stamp. Take your time with this one and be careful that you don’t cut yourself!


Mountain DIY 10


3. Iron your tea towel if it’s creased, then lay it out on a flat surface. I used a navy blue ink pad but you can choose whatever colour ink or paint you fancy! Start stamping your two patterns randomly on your tea towel.


Mountain DIY 13


4. Once you’re happy, leave to dry. This shouldn’t take too long unless your prints contain a lot of ink surface.

5. Cover the top of the tea towel with some thin fabric and iron over the entire tea towel, to set the ink/paint.


VisualStrands Mountain DIY 16


And you’re done! Start using your new tea towel and begin dreaming about mountain landscapes and travels abroad whilst you’re getting busy in the kitchen ;)


Helen Hung is a floral stylist (and DIY addict) based in Sydney, Australia. Visit her website: Limetreebower (previously Helarious) and Instagram.