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Mapology is a different way to tackle life’s dilemmas. On a map you locate yourself, decide where you want to go and plan your route: Mapology applies this technique to subjects as varied as getting a pet, sorting out what’s bugging you or finding the perfect present.

Mapology Guides are curated and produced by ‘A to B’, a joint venture between Tina Bernstein (entrepreneur, designer and blogger) and Mike Abrahams (designer, curator and artist book maker): “We want to encourage people to explore questions of every day life in a fun, humorous and educational way. We think bite-size and visual learning resonates today.”

For each Mapology Guide Tina and Mike work with a different writer and illustrator. Mapology Guides are growing their community of creative writers, illustrators and graphic designers as they develop the next series of maps, which will be available this year.

These Mapology Guides are now available:

Be Present Perfect
This map helps people get the right gifts for everyone, every time. “We set out with a heart full of love, with clouds of mayflies bouncing happily in the sunbeams, only to have it all dissolve to bin-juice when the wrapping paper hits the carpet. Oh dear, that undisguisable look of deflation in the eye of the receiver!” ‘Be Present Perfect’ sets out to demystify the whole craft and art of good gifting.
Illustrated by Miranda Sofroniou, written by Simon Rodway

Matchmaking Pets & People
How do we know which pet is right for us? And, more importantly, how do we know if we’re ready for a pet? This map is a matchmaking guide with a difference, written from the point of view of the pet. It will help you understand how much love and affection they can give, how much they may cost over their lifetime, and what they expect from you in return. All facts have been meticulously researched and checked by a Vet.
Illustrated by Nanna Koekoek, written by Sarah Farley

What’s Bugging You?
Life is full of problems, big and small. This map is a powerful seven step coaching exercise which the team tried and it worked! Jenni, the illustrator made life-changing decisions, Mike used it to clarify a messy domestic situation and Tina used it to bring Mapology Guides to market.
Illustrated by Jenni Sparks, written by John-Paul Flintoff

Also available are postcard sets, posters and signed posters (by the writers and illustrators!) Grab a copy in their shop.
JUST IN: Mapology Guides are now also available at Foyles in London.



Illustrator Jenni Sparks and writer John-Paul Flintoff signing their poster.



An early sketch for ‘What’s Bugging You?’

(all images and above excerpt text:, used with permission)


Tina Bernstein adds: “We’re on a real learning curve. It’s only after you launch something that you can step back, take stock and learn from it. I find this process very invigorating and exciting. It’s now that the real hard work begins. We have to find the right audiences for each map and market them accordingly. When you sit in a room and create something you’re really in a bubble. The outside world is very different and there will be many challenges ahead. This is the interesting part and I’m learning a lot about my character, resilience and fighting spirit.”

Thanks Tina, we’ll be revisiting when the new maps come out!