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So… here’s the surprise I’ve been working on lately:

The very first visual strands ebook!

Featuring contributors from the first 6 months who kindly gave their permission to add their featured content to this ebook. Some provided updates as well, so go and have a look!

Why an ebook, when all the articles can be found on the website? 
Well, I thought it would be nice as a zine to take with you on holiday, while commuting to work/school etc. You won’t have to click through to posts, but just swipe through the articles. It’s also a little thank you to my contributors, who have been so generous with their time and effort and to everyone who has been really supportive of visual strands up until now.

And it was the perfect opportunity to get back to all the contributors and ask them if there was anything new they were working on. Some of those updates are now in the ebook as well (not all, some had to remain secret for now).

As said, this ebook is free (and there are no ads in it). All we ask is for you to tell people about it by giving it a little tweet, Google+ or Facebook Like. Much appreciated! Right, so here it is. Hope you enjoy:

[sociallocker]ebook-1 (pdf)

ebook-1 (epub)[/sociallocker]