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Welcome to ISSUE 2 of visual strands. This month: finding your path.
British illustrator David Litchfield talks about finding his way in illustration | London based Mapology Guides explore questions of every day life | I’m sharing my own personal story on how visual strands began | Featured: beautiful products from British artist Natasha Newton.

An interview with David Litchfield

In this interview, David Litchfield talks about becoming a full-time illustrator and the effect it has had on his life.
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Mapology Guides: What’s bugging you?

Mapology Guides tackle life’s dilemmas in a fun and educational way: getting a pet, sorting out what’s bugging you or finding the perfect present.
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How I found my own path

In this personal article, Yvonne de Jonge shares how she found her own path, leading up to visual strands.
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Four favorites by Natasha Newton

Natasha Newton is a full-time artist and illustrator from Suffolk, England, with a love of nature.
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