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A Big Important Art Book – now with women

A Big Important Art Book now with women by Danielle Krysa. Book review. Inspiring interviews with contemporary female artists, information about successful female artists throughout history and art projects to make yourself.

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Michael van Kekem

Interview with Michael van Kekem, a Dutch illustrative designer and printmaker about his work, self-employment, balance, art education and more.

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Roland Pieter Smit

Roland Pieter Smit is a Dutch social designer. The starting point is always the question of how and why his work can improve the reality of life. We’re highlighting some of his products and the stories behind them.

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Claire Murphy: Cooee to the ladies

  Claire Murphy is a freelance illustrator from Melbourne, Australia with a love for comics, graphic novels and vintage. She recently selfpublished the wonderful book 'Cooee to the ladies, Australian women of talent and interest'. High time for an interview!...

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Vegetable garden update 2

Some people have asked for an update on our own vegetable garden (see how we got started: here and find last year's update: here). I did a little poll on our Instagram stories as well and let's just say that 100% YES is good enough for me ;) so here goes:   We...

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The Wild Dyer book

Another book review? Well, yes. I've been meaning to share 'The Wild Dyer' book with you for a while now. It's so inspiring! 'The Wild Dyer' by Abigail Booth is not only an inspiring read, with stunning photography by Jeska and Dean Hearn, but also a very practical...

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This is a good guide

  Hello dear readers To kick off our relaunch, I wanted to share this book review with you. Because I would like visual strands to be more about the important things. Things that actually touch us all. Be it visual or otherwise, and always inspiring. We're...

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Mono Japan Amsterdam 2018

A visit to Mono Japan, an event celebrating contemporary Japanese craft and design in Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam. This year’s theme was ‘Collaboration’, specifically between Japanese and European artists and designers.

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  • An interview with illustrator David Litchfield
  • The art of Cathy McMurray
  • DesignKwartier part 1: Urban green
  • Nature & Folklore: Adam Pritchett


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