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Dutch Design Week Part 1: Klokgebouw

The theme for Dutch Design Week 2017 is STRETCH. DDW is definitely one of my favorite design events as it's so laid back and there is SO much to see and do. This year I have enough to share for a whole week and so that's what I'll be doing right here on visual...

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Finding your path: Lina Skukauské

This interview with inspiring Life Coach & Energy Psychology Practitioner Lina Skukauské is part of the ongoing Finding your Path series here on, to hopefully inspire you to follow your own path in life. Lina is currently traveling full-time together...

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Summer blog break and new things coming up

That's right, I'm gifting myself a one month break from blogging here on visual strands. Work will continue behind the scenes though, as a new series of 'Finding your path' is coming up through september and beyonnnd! It's going to be super inspiring: some very...

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Plants: 4 favorite art prints on society6

We all love plants and art, right? If you are feeling a bit lost searching for plant-related art to adorn your home (there's SO MUCH out there!), here are four of my personal favorites on Society6:     Thirsty by Beth Hoeckel   Fugl Par by Swen Swensøn   Sunset by...

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Textielmuseum Tilburg

Does textile museum make you itch and think of musty old fabrics behind glass? Think again. I visited Textielmuseum / TextielLab in Tilburg last Saturday and wasn't disappointed. The last time I was here, was during college. So a 'few' years ago, then. I was happy to...

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Vegetable garden update

Hi there. I just wanted to share a little vegetable garden update with you today. Remember when we first made room for a vegetable garden? You can find it here: Growing veg for the first time. We were off to a bit of a slow start and like all beginners, we still had...

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Ankepanke: on businesses and lessons learned

Original words and images by (for original Dutch version scroll down / NL versie aan einde artikel)   My first steps as an entrepreneur started in 2008 in art school. After having done a few small graphic design assignments I wanted to make it official,...

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: New Beginnings

Love the New Beginnings topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers! This past year I've been taking small and big steps towards my own new beginnings (and I'm not done yet) so it really appeals to me on a personal level. But that's a whole other post ;)   For my New Beginnings...

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Growing vegetables for the first time

Our garden is about 12x18 meters. It's big. And mostly consists of a very lumpy lawn. We've been living here since the end of October and after a long winter (as you can see here: Snow in our garden) we were happy to finally get stuck in. "This year we'll only be...

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  • Into the woods: Marijke van Oostrum
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