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Ankepanke: on businesses and lessons learned

Original words and images by (for original Dutch version scroll down / NL versie aan einde artikel)   My first steps as an entrepreneur started in 2008 in art school. After having done a few small graphic design assignments I wanted to make it...

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: New Beginnings

Love the New Beginnings topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers! This past year I've been taking small and big steps towards my own new beginnings (and I'm not done yet) so it really appeals to me on a personal level. But that's a whole other post ;)   For my New...

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Growing vegetables for the first time

Our garden is about 12x18 meters. It's big. And mostly consists of a very lumpy lawn. We've been living here since the end of October and after a long winter (as you can see here: Snow in our garden) we were happy to finally get stuck in. "This year we'll only be...

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A day in Rotterdam

If you have just a few hours to spend in Rotterdam, where would you go? Well, I met up with my friends for a spontaneous visit to this diverse city last Saturday and this is where we went.   First up was Op het dak, which translates as 'On the roof' and is...

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Creative Life event

"Being creative is not a hobby, it's a way of life". That was the tagline of Creative Life, which took place for the very first time in Utrecht this weekend. It was a three day event and I went on Saturday, meeting up with creative friend Annelies from Dutch DIY blog...

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Places to discover: Middelheim Antwerp

You know when you're sorting through your iPhone photos and suddenly think: WHY didn't I blog about this, it's such an amazing place! Well, that's what happened here so now I'm sharing my iPhone photos from Juli 2015(!) with you because this place is really worth a...

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Society6: favorite bath mats

Time for another little design round-up! Um, am I really going to show you my favorite bath mats on Society6? Well, yes. As you *may* know, we moved to a new home and are (as always) in the process of decorating. Our new bathroom is very bland and a little small. So...

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Snow in our garden

Sometimes things just don't go according to plan, do they? I had tickets to contemporary design fair Object Rotterdam (on a cruise ship!) but unfortunately at the last moment I couldn't attend. I was really looking forward to it but then I thought: you know what, let...

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Learn new skills with Skillshare

When you work alone, sometimes it's hard to get inspired and motivated or even learn new skills. Especially at the beginning of a new year, right? Or maybe you'd like to be part of a new (like-minded) community. I've tried a few e-courses in the past and if your...

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We’re back!

So when I said 'see you in January’... I'd like to say that I've been working really hard behind the scenes this month. But actually I've been thinking really hard (also on a personal level), and resting up. After a year of working a lot and moving house at the end of...

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